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Wife. Mom. Lover of Jesus. Writer. Global Worker. Campus minister. 

Instead of listing my favorite things, I’ll share the ‘important’ things.

I’m terribly observant, almost to the point of stalker. My neighbors (fellow American colleagues living and working with me in Jogja, Indonesia) call me the neighborhood watch. 

I’m extremely hard on myself, but 31 years in, I mostly have a handle on my perfectionist attitude. 

I’m completely obsessed with my “baby” boy, Eli. In my eyes, there is no one sweeter, no one cuter, no one more loveable than he. He is my joy.

My husband is the only one on earth who knows how goofy I am. Others have caught glimpses, but he sees the true me. After five years of my shenanigans, he’s happily here. He’s my partner in everything, my best friend. There’s no one else I’d rather spend a lazy Saturday with than him. 

Jesus is the center of my world. Yes, I sometimes try to nudge other things to the center (Eli, Mike…ice cream), but I strive to be a woman centered on Jesus. He’s the reason my blessings are mine. He’s the reason we chose to move 10,000 miles from home with a four-month-old. He’s my breath, my peace, my heart beat. 

What exactly do I do for a living? Well, that’s an interesting question as it depends on the day or even moment. Today, I’ve sung the ABC song three times, read Little Blue Truck Leads the Way seven times, and said, “No, no, Eli, we don’t touch fans” more than I am willing to count. This week, I lead a prayer meeting encouraging young students to open themselves up in order to experience God’s Holy Spirit in new ways. Last night,  I was in a conversation group with four women explaining idioms like “hit the road” “you’re pulling my leg” and “set the bar” (it’s harder than it seems). As you can see, my “job” description varies by the day.

I have dreams and visions of where my writing may take me some day, but for now, I feel lead to share the simple thoughts God places in my mind. I pray you find connection, peace, humor and God’s love in these words.