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Fast forward a month from my last post, and we headed for America for what was supposed to be six months of furlough. Except, the week we left, I found out I was pregnant. We extended our return from March until June 2021.

It’s almost August 2021. I clearly shouldn’t make plans.

In the past year, we’ve moved back to America, gone through a pregnancy, welcomed and beautiful baby girl, and started down a very long journey with my son that will most likely end with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. It’s been a ride.

In the midst of the stress, I’ve been reminded that writing is an outlet for me, and I should use it. So, this is me. using the outlet. Maybe one day I’ll share these to a Facebook page for others to actually find. For now, I’ll just keep using my Mama afternoons at Starbucks to breathe.