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*This was originally written May 27, 2020 before I heard about the murder of George Floyd. Out of respect, I filed it away. I wanted to post here as an archive of my writing. Currently working on some of the learning I’ve done throughout the past two weeks.

I would like to offer a thought on the idea “Being forced to wear a mask in a store infringes upon my rights. It’s not about healthcare. It’s about controlling our lives and taking our freedom.”

I haven’t been able to enter a store since about mid-March without wearing a mask. At most places, my temperature is taken. At many places, they have portable sinks set up outside because must wash your hands before entering. I had to go to a doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago in what’s consider one of the best hospitals in town. I had to get a blood Draw Covid test before  I could even go inside the building. 

This has nothing to do with control. This is not stealing freedom. This is because there is a silent killer virus among us and these businesses do not want to be part of the spread. Where I live, medical care is subpar. The hospitals that are adequate, are way more expensive than most Indonesians can afford. If this action doesn’t stop the spread, they will have a huge disaster in mass casualties.

The CDC has gone back and forth on the effectiveness of masks and how or if the virus spreads by surface contact. It’s not because they can’t make up their mind. It’s because this is a ‘novel’ coronavirus. Novel, in this case meaning new.

I understand the logic behind “the flu is more deadly” or even the “heart disease kills kore people each year.” I hear your point and your frustration. However, America has lost 100,000 lives that would not have been loss of this virus hadn’t spread. The flu is here every year. Americans have defects and poor diet to cause Heart Disease every year. Covid is new.

If, by some chance, my wearing a mask may prevent me from spreading germs to you, I will wear it. The CDC May come out and conclusively say that it doesn’t. In which case, I may still wear a mask. I feel safe knowing germs aren’t directly being breathed in or out.

One more thing, what happened to kindness. You may be angry and truly believe that your rights are being trampled on. I hear you. But, the clerk at the store has nothing to do with it. She’s just happy to be back at work getting a pay check. Be kind. Your brother or sister in Christ who isn’t comfortable returning to church yet, don’t demean him or her. Love them. Your buddy who wears a mask on his morning walk, don’t make fun. It may be the little bit of safety he needs to keep his anxiety at bay.

We will get through this together, but only if we quit thinking about ourselves.