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Missy Towers

Wife. Mom. Minister. Autism Advocate. Writer.

Well, hello there!

Hi! I’m Missy Towers. I’ve been a wife to Mike for nearly nine years; a mom to Eli (5) and Maggie (2); I’m a former missionary and still credentialed ordained minister; and I’m a writer. Welcome to my blog, the place I share a little of everything from parenting a child with special needs to my attempts at crafting the perfect sourdough loaf and spiritual musings from my prayer life. Although many moments of my life are mundane, they are rarely boring!

I have a degree in Journalism from the University of MIssouri, but I’ve been writing since my debut story in second grade: Herkimer’s Day in St. Louis. It’s sure to win a Pulitzer one day! I served as a campus missionary at Mizzou for nine years before moving to Indonesia to work with college students and young professionals. Our journey of overseas work took a pause once our son received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Plot twists keep life interesting.


Now, we’ve resettled in St. Louis, MIssouri. I’m currently home full-time with my kids and prayerfully turning my writing outlet into extra income for our family. We’re extremely active in our church teaching and ministering where we can. I love to read a good novel (the sappier the better), drink hazelnut lattes and go for walks.

Thank you for joining me here. I pray you find humor, joy and maybe even common ground.